What We Do

Most businesses, non-profits and companies feel like they should have – or hire – all the human resources they need to get the job done. But we all know that’s not always practical or possible.

At Fisherwick Collaborations, we help make great organizations even stronger. Our advisory work can provide the impetus you need to get things done, and done well.


Our services

Negotiation Strategy, Support & Audits
Whether it’s helping our clients negotiate multi-million dollar contracts, work through contract disputes or just getting a gut-check from a trusted advisor, we always help our clients get results and create value.

Strategic Counsel
At Fisherwick, we’ve spent decades leading and advising leaders. We know it can often be lonely at the top, and you need a trusted voice who will speak the hard truths, and suit-up to run with you towards the fire when everyone else scatters.

• Strategic Plan Design
Acting as experienced facilitators, we know that framing is always more important than execution. Getting the right plan in place, one that has the buy-in it needs to succeed, will set your organization up for success.

• Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
Vulnerability is your greatest strength as a leader, always. Knowing yourself is the first step to mastering your brief. Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone needs a sounding board, trusted confidant and honest broker.

• Board & Executive Facilitation
Your Board or Executive Leadership team is like a family, and all families have their patterns and prejudices. We will broaden your perspective, challenge your established thinking and help set your path to success.

• Policy & Legislative Advisory Services
Government seems like a black box to some people, but not to us. We’ve been in and out of government for two decades, catching (and sometimes throwing) all the ‘incoming’ hot potatoes. We don’t lobby. We help you understand how, when, where and why to make your case to policymakers.

• Communications planning
A good communications plan combines the art of the “how”, and the science of the “why”. We’ve spent years developing and implementing plans on projects large and small, always believing that a living, breathing plan is the surest way to have your message not only heard, but understood.

• Business Development
To grow your business you have to know your markets. We help clients identify their markets, and the influencers and key players so they are ready to buy what you are selling – and we use the experience we’ve gained leading trade missions to the U.S., Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean and South America.

• Crisis & Issue Management
The smallest “issue”, or the most benign “crisis”, has the potential to suck time, money, reputation and resources from your core mission when badly handled. You need the best at your disposal, and you want our experience in your corner when it counts the most.

• Media Training
Not everyone can sing when a mike is stuck in their face – even the so-called pros. We’ve rolled-out major communications plans, pulled together late-night newsers, done double-enders across borders, written speeches, statements and press releases and everything in between. We’ll have you ready to ensure all the butterflies can fly in formation.